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My name is Cheri and I’m an author, primarily of mysteries and suspense, living in beautiful Seattle, Washington. On this site you can learn about my books, read my blog, and find my latest releases. Scroll down for my catalog.

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What’s New?

Book Cover: The Case of the Missing Finger. Take a mini-vacation in your imagination with my new cozy mystery series! When Ellie Tappet takes her first Caribbean cruise, she’s looking forward to a week of sun, fruity drinks, and beautiful beaches. But when tragedy strikes onboard she’s determined to sleuth her way to the truth with help from her new onboard friends.

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What’s Coming Next?

My second Emerald City Spies novel, Power Play, will be out next, followed by an Ellie Tappet Mystery and a Kat Voyzey Mystery.

Cheri's Books (by series)

Ellie Tappet: Matchmaking and Murder on a Cruise Ship

Kat Voyzey: A Quirky Amateur Sleuth at the Office

Emerald City Spies: Jessica's new job is more than she bargained for

Short Stories