Cutting the Track Cover

Cutting the Track

As Kat struggles with her new job as a private eye, a young woman’s life hangs in the balance.

Riding high after catching a killer at her company’s team building retreat, Kat Voyzey quit her job to become an independent private investigator. As the owner of Voyzey Investigations, she’s ready to make the world a better place, one satisfied client at a time.

Unfortunately, being a private eye is nothing like she’d hoped. The jobs are depressing, her clients are emotional wrecks, and her temper is getting her into trouble. She left her career behind, for this?

Kat’s ears perk up when she hears about Haley Green. The college freshman disappeared from her bedroom and no one’s been able to find her. Elated at the prospect of a real missing persons case, Kat jumps in to track her down. But from the very start, the stories don’t line up. Everyone says they want Haley found. But if that’s true, why are Haley’s roller derby teammates playing defense against the truth?