Death by Team Building Cover

Death by Team Building

You are invited! Join us for a weekend of team building, camaraderie, and murder.

When Kat is required to attend her company’s team building retreat, her biggest concern is staying under the radar. No one wants HR there, and she’d rather be anywhere else on a beautiful snowy weekend. But when a wicked winter storm cuts off access to the outside world, and a member of their party is murdered, Kat is pulled into the spotlight. As a newly licensed private investigator, this is her moment to shine.

No friends. No backup. And no escape! Trapped in the lodge with her coworkers, two innkeepers, and a facilitator, Kat must find the killer before suspicion tears the team apart. This is one heck of a morale problem! When it comes to management and murder, knowing who to trust can mean the difference between life and death.