Orientation to Murder Cover

Orientation to Murder

A missing new hire. An identity-crisis in full swing. Kat’s back on the case. But should she be?

Hot off her recent success in catching a murderer, Kat is studying to be a private investigator. And with a notorious rule-breaker known as the Bathroom Bandit on the loose in the hospital she figures: why not use her sleuthing skills on the job? But when she uses some rather… creative methods to locate the bandit, not everyone is supportive. Kat is the HR director, after all, not a real PI. Might she be taking her zest for investigation a little too far?

When Kat is offered a surprising opportunity at work, it seems her professional star is rising. But when a medical assistant goes missing in the middle of new hire orientation, and his body is found in a surprising place, it appears there might a killer in their midst. Working with her friend Detective Susan Patterson, Kat digs for clues in the dead man’s past. And along the way, she’ll encounter questions about her own future. What matters more: Chasing secrets around dark corners, or climbing the corporate ladder? Protecting her heart, or taking a chance on love? Kat must choose. All while hunting a criminal who seems too close for comfort.