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The third book, Hostile Takeover will be out later this year. Watch this space for details, or sign up below to get an email when it’s ready.

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Reader Extras

The Dana Duke agency is pure fiction but the location isn’t! The Columbia Center is one of Cheri’s favorite buildings in Seattle. There’s an observatory for visitors, a private business club on the top floor, and a Starbucks on the 4oth floor that offers lovely views of the city. If you come for a visit check it out!

In The Assistant, Jessica and Taylor live in an older apartment in Seattle’s historic Pioneer Square neighborhood. Their favorite taco bar is El Borracho at Pike Place Market. Jessica and Andy’s date takes place at Aqua along the Seattle waterfront. The imagined location of Torres, Michaels, and Burke is at S Jackson and 5th Ave S, across from Union Station near Seattle’s International District.

Several scenes in the series take place at Victor Steinbrueck Park , a tiny little spot near Pike Place Market that’s delightfully gloomy in the rain.

Trivia: There’s a connection between Jessica Warne and Kat Voyzey. Did you spot it?

Bonus Deleted Scene: Two Friends Meet

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