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Orientation to Murder Cover

Orientation to Murder

Orientation to Murder, Book 2
Death by Team Building Cover

Death by Team Building

Death by Team Building, Book 3
Cutting the Track Cover

Cutting the Track

Cutting the Track, Book 4

What’s New?

Cutting the Track is my new release. Enjoy. :) I’ll update this page when there’s more news to report.

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Fun Facts about the Kat Voyzey Series

The fictional Holy Heart Medical center drew inspiration from one of Seattle’s early hospitals, which was located at the historic Pacific Tower In Kat’s story, the land for the hospital was won in a poker match by a pioneering nun after the Great Seattle Fire of 1889 .

Seattle is changing fast! Thus some of the locations in the book no longer exist. One example: The quirky vegetarian hotdog-slash-cybercafe, CyberDogs. The former CyberDogs location is now home to The Grilled Cheese Experience.

Kat Voyzey lives in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood. Holy Heart Medical Center is located (in Cheri’s imagination, at least) a few blocks uphill from Seattle’s Olympic Sculpture Park , near the waterfront.

Milo the cat is based upon a real feline named Malcolm, who belonged to friends of the author. Malcolm had, among his many qualities, the confidence that comes from knowing you’re the king of the world.