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Welcome, internet traveler! Customizing the emails you get from me is quick and easy to do.

Why Customize?

My mailing list includes information about a wide variety of books. I write cozy mysteries, and spy thrillers and sci-fi and even a smidge of horror! As a writer, I enjoy the variety. But perhaps your reading preferences are more specific? Let’s not waste your time with emails you don’t want.

Options for customizing your newsletter:

You can reply to any of my newsletters with one of the following requests:

  • Mystery List - I’ll send you mostly mystery, suspense, and crime novels.

  • Sci-Fi List - I’ll send you mostly science fiction, including space opera and speculative fiction.

  • Clean Reads Only - You won’t hear about my books with swears or big scares.

Otherwise, you’ll be on my regular mailing list and you’ll hear about a variety of books. As always, thanks for subscribing! I’ll do what I can to keep your inbox happy. 😎