About Cheri Baker

A photo of Cheri Baker. She looks happy. Over her shoulder, there's a large brass Buddha stained green with age.

Hey there. You’ve clicked on my about page, and I’m flattered! My name is Cheri, and I’m a writer from Seattle Washington.

I’ve been a book lover my entire life, and for many years writing was my hobby, something I did on the weekends or in the early morning before work. My first novel Involuntary Turnover was loosely based on my experiences working in human resources. Not the murder part; just the setting! Over the years I’ve worked as a headhunter, an HR manager, and an organizational development consultant. My background is in organizational psychology, and I’ve always been interested in what makes people tick, not to mention the various ways we can be manipulated if we’re not careful. You’ll see some of those themes in my writing, if you squint.

It took me ten years to write my first two novels, working around the demands of a busy job, but a few years back I traded my business suits for jeans and began writing full time. Now, with more than a dozen novels out and more on the way, I’m fortunate to have wonderful readers all around the globe. I’m a lucky duck!

When I’m not writing I spend my time reading, hanging out with my husband, watching terrible monster movies, drinking coffee, having movie nights with friends, playing Dungeons and Dragons, traveling, walking through the city, and thinking up twisty murder plots. Rainy weather makes me happy, and so does the fact that you visited my website! Thanks so much for supporting my work.

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I pen a twice-monthly newsletter to share what I'm reading and learning, plus stories about my travels, tech tips for readers, pop culture thinkery, and bits about my experiences as a writer. Alternately, if email isn't your jam, you can also get my new release notifications by following me on BookBub or Amazon, or by connecting with me on Mastodon, my only social media account. Just be aware that I fritter away half my social media time talking about Godzilla movies, because that's what brings me joy. 😎