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The Case Of The Floating Funeral

The Case Of The Floating Funeral

Ellie Tappet Mysteries, Book 3
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About The Case Of The Floating Funeral

Wealthy entrepreneur and cruise line owner Morgan Picklewick is dead and his family and friends are coming aboard the Adventurous Spirit for his memorial service at sea. As the cruise ship sails to sunny South America Morgan’s heirs will scatter his ashes in the deep blue waters of the Panama Canal. But not all is as it seems. Morgan’s business partner and friend, Roberta Crowley, suspects he was murdered by one of his children.

As Ellie Tappet mingles with the mourners it seems everyone is hiding a motive or two. Perhaps one of his wealthy business partners saw an opportunity to take a bigger piece of the pie? Is the ex-wife’s diva-like behavior covering a guilty conscience? As Morgan’s heirs prepare to seize their father’s stake in the cruise line, with devastating consequences for the crew, Roberta gives Ellie her most difficult assignment yet: Identify Morgan’s killer before the crew is torn apart and scattered to the four winds, forever.

It’s all hands on deck for a cozy mystery adventure with Ellie Tappet! Join her as she takes on her most difficult case yet. Win or lose, her life is about to change in ways she never could have imagined.

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