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Death At Dagger Cove

Death At Dagger Cove

Butterfly Island Mysteries, Book 2

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About Death At Dagger Cove

Kenzi Hicks believes every person has a calling. She’s worked as a line cook, a biohazard disposal specialist, and a dozen jobs in between. So what if her family thinks she’s flighty? Her dad calls her a late bloomer, but Kenzi doesn’t see it that way. She’ll settle down when she’s good and ready, and not a moment before. Besides, her luck is already turning around in the romance department. Her new boyfriend is a catch, and the sweetest guy she's ever dated. When he invited her to join him and his buddies for a vacation on Butterfly Island, she jumped at the chance. Butterfly Island looks adorable and sunny, the perfect place to relax, make new friends, and enjoy fun in the sun!

That is, until her boyfriend goes missing...

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