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The Case Of The Fond Farewell

The Case Of The Fond Farewell

Ellie Tappet Mysteries, Book 6
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About The Case Of The Fond Farewell

Captain Kevin West is coming aboard the S.V. Adventurous Spirit for his retirement ceremony and Ellie can't wait to meet him. The outgoing captain is one of Ben's oldest and dearest friends, and West has brought along his senior officers from the Spirit's sister ship, the S.V. Adventurous Soul. In just a few days' time, West will transfer control of the Soul to his protege, First Officer Emily Newhouse.

When tragedy strikes in the dark of night it seems the untimely death was linked to a troubling criminal conspiracy.  As the trail of deception leads to a shocking revelation, and after long-held secrets come to light, Ellie begins to wonder...

Was this murder committed by someone she loves?

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