My New Release: The Case of the Fond Farewell

Good morning, blog buddies.

I have a new book out today! The Case of the Fond Farewell is sixth Ellie Tappet mystery.

When I started writing Ellie’s story I had a notion of where it started and where would end. Fond Farewell was intended to be the final installment. But as I wrote, I felt hesitant. Was I ready to say goodbye?

Admittedly, I have a chip on my shoulder about long series. As a reader, I get cranky when a character arcs are dragged out for no good reason. Good stories deserve good endings! Or else the story isn’t a story at all. At least that’s my opinion.

The sixth book is an ending of sorts, in the same way a season of television can be a complete story. But as I was “wrapping up” the Ellie Tappet series, I came up with a great idea for a seventh book and I knew I had to write it! Holy cow. Is this a season two, or is it a one-off mystery? It’s too early to tell, but I had to laugh!

So much for my carefully laid plans. 😂

I’m looking forward to writing that book! In the meantime, please enjoy Ellie’s newest adventure.

The Case of the Fond Farewell Cover

Ellie Tappet Cruise Ship Mysteries

Book 6

The Case of the Fond Farewell

When a retirement party turns deadly, Ellie’s investigation hits too close to home.

When crew from the Adventurous Soul come aboard the Spirit for their captain’s retirement party Ellie and her friends are determined to show them a good time. But after a senior officer dies in the night, Ellie’s hunt for the truth will put her at odds with the man she loves.

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