My New Release! The Case of the Red Phantom

Hey, blog buddies. I have a new book out today!

The Case of the Red Phantom is the latest in my Ellie Tappet series. This particular story came to me after watching way too much Great British Baking Show early on in the pandemic. I thought that an international baking competition would be a fun setting for a murder mystery. Quirky contestants. Celebrity judges. Naked ambition! The pressure of the limelight. Surely someone might feel murdery under those conditions. 😂

I enjoy baking, but it’s not something I do very often. For one thing, being a household of two people makes big-batch cooking impractical unless I want to bust right out of my pants. I will eat two dozen cookies if they’re in my kitchen whispering to me. A while back, I made a batch of cookie dough and baked two cookies per night for dessert. That worked pretty well.

Patrick and I are spoiled with good bakery options within walking distance. Usually, when I’m craving something delicious it’s easy enough to walk down to Macrina Bakery or La Parissienne and pick up something wonderful.

Hmm… Now I’m in the mood for pie!

The Case of the Red Phantom Cover

Ellie Tappet Cruise Ship Mysteries

Book 5

Here’s a bit about the new book:

Lights! Camera! Murder?

When the world-famous Sweetie Pie Baking competition comes aboard the Spirit to film their last two episodes of the season, Ellie’s looking forward to some delicious treats and a behind-the-scenes look at the hit television show. But when one of the contestants goes overboard, the perplexing nature of the crime scene has Ellie and security officer Paul Gumbs scratching their heads. Was the death a suicide, or did a bitter rivalry turn deadly?

When a celebrity makes a shocking claim during his evening performance, rumors float through the ship like vapor. Did a murderous ghost push the victim into the churning waters below? Ellie isn’t having it! She knows that ghosts aren’t real, and that the killer was made of flesh and bone. But if that’s true, how did they get into and out of a locked stateroom without leaving a trace?

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Ellie fans, there are more books coming! Next up is The Case of the Fond Farewell. I’m about halfway through the first draft at the moment. ☺️

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