What I'm Working on Right Now

This page contains a list of my current works in progress. I used to keep this file on my computer, but posting my intentions publicly is oddly motivating. Whatever works, right? ☺️

Dates and details are subject to change based on my schedule, mood, and caffeine intake.

Novels in Progress

OMG! Books are happening!

The Case of the Fond Farewell (Ellie Tappet #6) - My current priority! I’m halfway through the first draft. MURDERY FUN TIMES, ya’ll!

Hostile Takeover (Emerald City Spies, Part Three) - Started!

Future Novels

These books are simmering in my brain, impatiently waiting their turn and shouting epithets at me when I try to sleep.

New Space Opera Series (Project Mars) - Outlines, research, and cover art.

New Cozy Series (Project Butterfly) - Outlines, research, and cover art.

Ellie Tappet #7

Short Fiction in Progress

I love short fiction, but my novels come first, so these tend to take me forever to finish.

The Gig Economy (Horror) - 50% drafted

Unfiltered (Horror) - Outlined

Header graphic: a dark figure holds up a glowing umbrella in a cyberpunk city

This page last updated: 3/17/21