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Death By Team Building

Death By Team Building

Kat Voyzey Mysteries, Book 3
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About Death By Team Building

“Group work always bites you in the ass. That was true in ninth grade history class, and just as true in a murder investigation."

Kat wasn't thrilled to be "volunteered" to attend the Holy Heart Medical Center team building retreat, but after settling into the remote mountain cabin with the team, she has to admit it's not all bad. The setting is beautiful and there are plenty of snacks. She having more fun than she expected. Unfortunately, enjoyment turns to terror when a member of the group is literally stabbed in the back!

As a wicked winter storm cuts off access to the outside world a quick rescue becomes impossible. Suspicion and paranoia are on the rise. Kat has a plan for flushing the killer out into the open, but she can't accomplish it alone. With the killer watching her every move, choosing who to trust is a matter of life and death.

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