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Shadow Of A Doubt

Shadow Of A Doubt

Butterfly Island Mysteries, Book 3
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About Shadow Of A Doubt

“Welcome to Butterfly Island! Enjoy our sandy beaches, sapphire blue waters, and achingly beautiful sunsets. We can’t wait to welcome you to the safest and most relaxing destination in the Caribbean…”

Kameron Achebe has always valued her strength and independence. As a teenager, she dreamed of competing with her country’s Olympic tae kwon do team. And when her dreams were destroyed by those closest to her, she ran, determined to find happiness on her own terms.

A decade later, Kameron and her boyfriend Paul are settling down on Butterfly Island to prepare for the arrival of their first child. After a shocking revelation about Paul leaves Kameron hurt and angry, matters go from bad to worse when she’s accused of using her martial arts skills to murder a local bully. For her future, and for the future of her family, only one thing matters now. Can she prove her innocence beyond the shadow of a doubt?

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