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The Case Of The Red Phantom

The Case Of The Red Phantom

Ellie Tappet Mysteries, Book 5
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About The Case Of The Red Phantom

Lights! Camera! Murder?

When the world-famous Sweetie Pie Baking competition comes aboard the Adventurous Spirit, Ellie can't wait to get a behind-the-scenes look at the hit television show. But when one of the contestants goes overboard, the perplexing nature of the crime scene has Ellie and security officer Paul Gumbs scratching their heads. Was the death a suicide or did a bitter rivalry turn deadly?

When a celebrity guest makes a shocking claim, rumors float through the ship like vapor. Did a murderous ghost push the victim into the churning waters below? Ellie isn't having it! She knows ghosts aren't real and that the killer was made of flesh and bone. But if that's true, how did they get into and out of locked stateroom without leaving a trace?

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