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Godzilla is here! Quick, call a meeting!

Do you like monster movies? If so, take thyself to your nearest screen and watch Shin Godzilla. Released in 2016 and considered to be a critique of the government’s response to the Fukishima disaster, Shin Godzilla is a wacky combo of monster movie and Japanese political satire.

Cheri points at a Godzilla statue while making a fake-scared face.


A Film That Hates Red Tape

This movie has things to say about meetings and it is not subtle. So if you despise bureaucracy, ineffective leadership, and group think,  Shin Godzilla is here to champion your cause.  As a professional facilitator, some of the dialog made me cringe, and laugh, and prickle with recognition, all at the same time.

“The Monster is attacking!"

“Yes, but what shall we call the monster? I demand a subcommittee!"


I was surprised to learn that Shin Godzilla cost only 15 million dollars to make. Compare that to the 200 million spent on the recent failed Hollywood blockbuster: Godzilla King of the Monsters. I was so excited about that film, but despite its breathtaking visual effects, the story was a disappointing mess.

But Shin Godzilla didn’t disappoint. At all.

Of course, like all Godzilla movies, Shin Godzilla had some cheesy bits. But I loved the setting, the satire, and the battles.  Especially the final battle!  Fun stuff.

Amazon has it for a few bucks, if you want to check it out. Here’s the trailer .