My Writing Challenge Begins

Good morning! The sun is shining today, and the city is cool and bright. It’s jacket weather, but a fleece will do if you hurry. We walked through the market and picked up our morning coffee. The vendors were setting up their tables, the brick arcade was mostly empty, and the season of fresh flowers is coming to an end. Half the bouquets are dried blossoms now. I’ve always found those ugly, but to each their own.

Yesterday I started my fall writing challenge, and I crossed the finish line at 5:17pm with 5200 words written. I’m not used to moving this quickly. My fingers aren’t moving any faster than usual, but the steady pace is what makes the difference. Can I keep chugging away all day long? If so, I’ll get where I’d like to go.

I was tired at the end of the day, but it was the kind of tired that comes after a long hike. Only this tiredness exists in the mind instead of the body. It was a good, hard, productive day.

Once I get going, I’m not motivated by word counts. I’m more jazzed about the next scene, and the one after that, and where the story is leading me. All the habits that helped me during my Cozy Experiment are helping me right now. I’m up at the same time every day, sitting down at the desk at around the same time. I take a few minutes to block out the scene before I begin, so I spend less time flailing. Then turn on my timer and write nonstop until it beeps. Stand. Stretch! Drink some water. Then flip the timer on and write again.

A View to Die For stands at 24,649 words today. Can I hit 30,000 before dinner? The only way to know is to get started. I’ve allowed myself just 20 minutes to write this blog post, and my timer is winding down.

Into the book I go!

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